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About Us

Let us Entertain you — from naughty to nice, you will find tantalizing sweets to gift your quirky friends. With a specialty in whipping up erotic masterpieces for your oral pleasure, you will find laughter complete with our Character Penis Cookies, Edible Lingerie Cookie Collections and other delicious sinful treats.

The Naughty Cookie Box provides a great way to incorporate a little playfulness into traditional bachelorette parties, birthday gifts, “Adult” Get-Togethers and Celebratory Wishes. Capture priceless reactions of your friends and family before devouring the incriminating evidence!! As the very naughty sister company to Sweet Sanctions, LLC, we continue to pride ourselves in sharing upscale adult confections at their freshest and look forward to creating a mischievous twist to your occasion.  

Yours Truly,
The Reddinger Family